Tactical Pistol or Just a Wonderful Fun Accessory?

By Shaun Kennedy

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a pistol accessory that I had never thought I would ever consider owning or using, but the RONI rifle stock conversion for pistols has changed my mind about these conversion units, which are becoming more commonplace and, after my day on the range with the RONI, quite practical.  

The editors of WILDLAND asked me to test and review the RONI rifle stock accessory, but since the RONI rifle stock provided was designed to fit a CZ P-09 or P-07, I invited a good shooting friend, Hansie Erasmus to join me for the test, since my CZ 75 was not suitable, and Hansie had both CZ models that were ideal, so we agreed to jointly evaluate the RONI unit.

First impressions do count, and the Roni did not dissapoint - the polymer chassis was slick, well  made, neatly finished and very lightweight, so it looked perfect when we unpacked it. Because it is a rifle stock that fits a pistol, and in this case, the CZ P-09 or P-07 models specifically, the first job was to decide how to get Hansie's P-07 into the framework of the rifle stock.

This proved to be a learning experience, and a testing exercise until we realised that the bolt handle built into the rifle stock was grooved to fit the angled slots cut into the rear of the P-07's slide. Once that lesson was learnt, it became a simple exercise to fit and remove the pistol from the rifle stock, but it did take a few minutes to figure it all out in the first place.

The Roni upper rail is in fact a picatini rail design, so it would be a simple task to fit a red dot scope or an optical sight on the rifle stock. I was not aware until I received the RONI that it had this capability - I would have loved to shoot it with a Red Dot on top, but I never got the opportunity on this occasion. The rifle stock is designed to be a folding stock, and it is a simple procedure to press the release button and fold the stock flat against the right side of the pistol. I found the overall weight of the stock, either in folded or extended format agreeably light, so much so that I could hold the folded unit in my outstretched arm without difficulty and without experiencing any worrisome muscle fatigue.

Whilst setting up a video camera to film us using the RONI, Hansie and I handled the rifle that we now had in our hands and compared notes and opinions on the practicality and usefulness of the RONI rifle stock - we both agreed it was really a nice accessory that made handling the P-07 simple, but it also gave us both a lot of confidence that it would prove easy to use as well. This in fact proved to be the case - Hansie fired several rounds at a rock on the backstop 60 meters away using instinct pointing (remember we had no sight on top of the RONI, so we had to point and shoot it instinctively) and he managed a very tight sand-spray all around that defenceless rock on the backstop. In my first shooting session, I shot the CZ rifle stock right-handed, (I am a natural left-hander) and I quick-fired three different 3-shot groups at a target 15-Meters away - all three groups were really tight and  proved the amazing pointing accuracy the rifle stock gave me.

A really nice feature of the rifle stock is a hand-grip under the front of the rifle stock that allows you to insert and store a spare pistol magazine - this creates a very fast mag change capability, as well as making the hand-grip much longer and therefore much easier to hold. The hand-grip is perfectly placed, so it allowed us to hold the pistol on a good horizontal axis whilst shooting the riflestock, which meant we could tame the 9mmP recoil completely.

The big plus of this feature is the fact that we could shoot really fast with absolutely minimal muzzle-flip, because the hand-grip allowed us complete control of the rifle stock. Hansie and I both shot the RONI with pleasing accuracy and a lot of smiles - the RONI is just a pleasure to use and it make the P-07 totally manageable even when we were shooting without any sights!

I hope to re-do the test soon with a nice optical or Red dot sight on top of the rail - I predict amazing accuracy under all firing conditions because the rifle stock made the P-07 completely predictable and totally manageable, whilst being absolutely fun to use as well!

Overall impressions

Hansie said he has not previously considered a rifle-stock as a worthwhile accessory for a pistol, which perfectly echoed my own sentiments - however after handling and shooting the RONI, we both agreed that a rifle stock was actually a very practical and useful upgrade. The RONI is imported by Nicholas Yale, a well known and respected firearms and shooting equipment supplier to the firearms trade - they have advised that the RONI is available as an upgrade accessory for a variety of CZ, Baretta, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson and Glock range of pistols, depending on the model of pistol you own. Clearly a rifle stock accessory like the RONI does not change the barrel length of your pistol, but it certainly changes the recoil behaviour and the ease with which you can shoot your pistol. I believe a good optical sight on top of the RONI will add significant accuracy to your pistol, and I think 50-M groups will become quite simple to achieve once you have the rifle stock fitted. The good news is that you don't need a licence for it. I am just a bit sad the RONI does not fit my CZ 75 - I would certainly entertain using such a rifle stock on my CZ 75 after this most pleasant afternoon on the sun

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